What does queerblick mean?
queerblick is a combintation of the German words „quer“ (across, transverse) and „blick“ (the view). We added one more „e“ to the word „que(+e)r“ to make clear that we are an NGO for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and intersex people. So queerblick means to have a queer view.

Why are there so many videos without subtitles?
queerblick is a German organization. Therefore most of our work is produced by young German LGBTQI and published in German. Subtitles are only provided for films of higher quality. The subtitles are created by volunteers all over the world from Brasil to China. Since they translate the films in their spare time, subtitles are limited in number and languages. But you can help to change that by becoming a volunteer translator. Therefore write to us. We are looking forward your message.

How can I volunteer for queerblick?
We are based in Germany. Therefore it is unfortunately not possible to volunteer in our workshops directly if you don’t live in Germany. Though there are some ways to help anyway. If your mother tongue is any other language than German, you are invited to become a member of our translators team. A good knowledge in English or German is required to communicate with the team. To become a translator, please write us.

My organization likes to work together with queerblick. Is it possible?
Generally we are open to all kinds of cooperation. Especially projects with young LGBTQI from different countries are interesting to us. If you are looking for a partner, please write to us.

How can I support queerblick?
There are many ways to help us. Please check here.

Why is there advertisement in the videos?
Even though we are a charitable and volunteer run organization, we need a small budget to cover our costs. Since we don’t receive any long-term institutional financing, video advertisement allows us to have a regular income. The entire amount is exclusively used to fulfill our charitable purposes.

I have another question that is not answered. Whom can I write to?
Please use our contact form to write a message to our volunteers.