Who we are

queerblick is not only a youtube project. Behind the channel stands the charitable association queerblick e.V. that tries to empower young LGBTQI in the development of their sexual identitiy. We believe that media plays an enormous role in the process of inner and external coming out.

That effect was emphasized by Peter Page, one of the main actors of „Queer as folk“, once in an interview with queerblick: „Media matters. Television matters. People watch TV when they are at home. They are most vulnerable there.“

Unfortunately in TV and other media, LGBTQI people are mostly represented as stereotypes of the effeminate boy and the masculine bike butch. They are mostly shown in a negativ way and often as victims. Those images do not only form the idea of heterosexuals about LGBTQI, they also confuse and scare teenagers when they recognize that they are queer.

Therefore queerblick was founded in 2009 in Germany. We teach young LGBTQI to produce their own short films and reports. Their videos are shown by queerblick e.V. on the internet. They serve others as source of information, identification and rolemodels. Moreover our organization follows these aims:

  1. Peer group effect: Young LGBTQI come together to produce videos. They share experiences, talk about topics that are related to their sexual and gender identity and have fun together. Beyond the production of a video our workshops help to build friendships to other LGBTQI. For some participants it’s the first time to get to know others like them and to feel understood in a friendly and open-minded environment that we create.
  2. Self-reflection: The production of videos invites the participants to deal with topics that they are interested in or concerned by. To work on it helps to gain a different perspective on a certain subject and to find solutions or alternative approaches towards a certain problem.
  3. Information: Our videos deal with topics that are interesting and important in the development of the sexual and gender identity. Whether they give advices on coming out, practical information on safer sex or provide different ideas on dealing and discovering their own feelings: our videos help young LGBTQI to gain the information they might need.
  4. Identification: The videos provide role models. Young LGBTQI that don’t know anybody queer in their environment, depend on media representations. If these representations are authentic (self-representation) they invite the viewer to identify themselves with the people and situations on screen.

To reach these aims, queerblick e.V. offers workshop and filmmaking camps to young LGBTQI. More over we work together with young filmmakers to provide media of higher quality to our viewers and we cooperate with other organizations in the field of LGBQI youth work.